dsc_0005Better visibility on all the sides is the ley feature of this superiorly edged product for the indian roads.

Product Code:

ADS-DEL-TXIWR-2S (Two side delineator, Sheeting on both the sides)
ADS-DEL-TXIWR (Single side delineator, sheeting on both the sides)


  • Parented Design
  • Made of high impact ABS Plastic
  • Orientation free omni cube type XI sheeting
  • Outer part prevents pilferage of the sheeting
  • Pasted on the cylindrical cell.
  • POwder coated inner body ensuring longer life.


  • Height – 1100mm
  • Top Width 90mm
  • Base width – 132mm x 175 mm
  • White exposed Ares – 200 cm2
  • Red Exposed Area 50 cm2


  1. Maximum visibility from the all sides due to cylindrical shape of the product.
  2. Orientation free reflective sheeting by Avery Dennsion
  3. White & red combination of Omni Cube Sheeting gives better visibility
  4. Can sustain outdoor climatic conditions.
  5. Not easy to steal or vandalize reflective sheeting