These traffic safety cones are made of special pvc material making them highly flexible and durable. If avechile hits a cone, it does not get damaged and comes to its original state. a high reflective sleeve/ sheeing is fixed on it for better vision at night and bad weather conditions. it also has provision for fixing of plastic chain or caution tape. These are also available with heavy weight base fixed at the bottom, due to which it does not fly-off with fast traffic or winds.


  • Centre Lane Division
  • Parking Lots
  • Temporary Barricades
  • No Entry Zones
  • Men At Work Zones
  • Diversion on Road
  • Traffic Controlling
  • Temporary barricading at hotels, hospitals, Railways Stations, Airport, Bus Terminals, etc

PVC Traffic Cone

Custom – Worded Cones with company logo available

Message Plasted & cones

Metal Plates and cones

Metal Pipe BollardMetal Pie Bollard
Meant to guide the traffic for safe direction generally installed at the crossing/ start of central verge/ diversions etc. Consists of 2/3 plates

Message plate (Optional)
Round plate mounted on powder coated M.S.Pipe